Welcome to Golf for the Physically Challenged or as we call ourselves, Challenge Golf!

We help the physically challenged members of our community progress toward a more active life, both physically and mentally. We do this by offering a breadth of opportunities for fellowship, by providing, at specified times and in an accessible locale; equipment (either standard or specially designed); advice; and encouragement by volunteers. This enables the participants to interact with others, to learn golf techniques and to play golf to the limit of their abilities.


In speaking with my father's occupational therapist and physiotherapists at Toronto Rehab about Challenge Golf and they thought the organization was an amazing opportunity for real-life occupational therapy.


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Participants in Challenge Golf are those local community members who have suffered a stroke or other physically debilitating injury and wish to join us. No previous golf experience or any fee is required all we ask is that give us...

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Challenge Golf helps the physically challenged members of our community progress toward a more active life, both physically and mentally, by broadening opportunities for fellowship through golf focused services. To become a volunteer at Challenge Golf, please contact us by...

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About Us

Golf for the Physically Challenged, or simply Challenge Golf, has been running since summer 1991. It was setup as a non-profit community initiative run in close association with Family Golf, Oakville.  Family Golf is now closed permanently. For the 2014


Golf for the Physically Challenged, a registered charity, appreciates donations.  Tax receipts are available.  Our registration number is 88986-6570-RR0001. We have many individual donors who give in the range of $30 and $150. These funds cover most of our annual

Contact Us

To find out more about Challenge Golf and how you can help, call   Kent Stirling at 905-338-9785 or Richard Malinski at 905-825-9365   You can also e-mail us at:  RichardMalinski@Gmail.com You can send us a letter to: Challenge Golf


Paragolf Ontario

Paragolf Ontario continues to come to our aid not only by purchasing and donating equipment but also supporting ongoing program costs. They are our lasting friends. Thanks to our friends at Paragolf Ontario we will continue to get our participants

Tee Zone

Tee Zone Driving Range

Tee-Zone Driving Range provides us a home once again for this season. We are most appreciative of their friendly help and assistance ever since our move in 2014.

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake Golf Club

Hidden Lake Golf Club, located in Burlington, has also been instrumental in helping make Challenge Golf a viable and varied experience for participants.  Each year Hidden Lake Golf Club hosts those participants who wish to golf nine holes. Over the


Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar

The Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar continues to assist us in covering some of our ongoing costs. Activities that we are grateful for are their support for our Golf Day event and maintenance of our equipment.


Oakville Community Foundation

The Oakville Community Foundation (OCF) came to the 2014 support of Golf for the Physically Challenged. It granted us the start­up funds for that season. With the move to Tee Zone  driving Range we incurred significant costs which OCF support enabled us to cover.

Oakville Golf Club

Oakville Golf Club

The Oakville Golf Club graciously offered to house and take care of our golf cart for us during our transition from Family Golf to our current home at Tee Zone Driving Range. All of us at Challenge Golf are most appreciative of such support and community spirit.